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About Gretsch Drums

In 1883, Friedrich Gretsch, an immigrant from Germany, founded a small drum shop in Brooklyn, NY that would create his dynasty lasting to this day. Yet Friedrich Gretsch died unexpectedly in 1895 before he could see it bloom. Energetic as he was enterprising, Fred Gretsch, Sr. built the Gretsch Manufacturing Company on a reputation for precision and quality, making Gretsch Drums one of the finest drums available. Two decades after he had assumed direction as the boy in knickers, he moved the operation to a mammoth 10 story building at 60 Broadway in Brooklyn, where it remained until the company moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1972.

Fred Gretsch, Jr. managed the operations briefly, then left the company to serve as a commander in the Navy, and Bill Gretsch became president. Duke Kramer recalls, "Bill was a man with a subtle talent for inspiring people to do their best and a genius for constructive counsel. His sense of humor was irresistible. When he passed away in 1948, a legion of individuals felt they lost their best friend." Command of Gretsch Drums was again passed to Fred Gretsch, Jr., and the Navy veteran led the company into a new age of prosperity: the age of rock. It was the explosion of the music market begun by Elvis Presley and continued by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others, and many artists of the day played Gretsch Drums, such as Charlie Watts.

In 1967, the Gretsch Manufacturing Company was sold to Baldwin and a then, enterprising young Fred Gretsch vowed to return the company to the family. Eighteen years later, Gretsch became family owned once again. The great-grandson of Friedrich Gretsch made good on his vow and still leads the Gretsch company today. Today the list of drummers playing Gretsch Drums is extensive including Rob Bourdon of Linkin Park, Cindy Blackman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Phil Collins, and Steve Ferrone.

Gretsch Drum Sets
Gretsch has been manufacturing quality drums for over 100 years. They have a drum kit that is sure to please drummers of just about any style and budget.

Gretsch Drums Blackhawk Series
Blackhawk goes back to basics....Recognizing the need to provide the aspiring drummer an easy, economical and complete Gretsch drum set choice, Blackhawk has been updated to include a full hardware pack. The Blackhawk hardware package is double-braced and includes chain-drive bass drum and hi-hat pedals, a snare drum and boom cymbal stands. Blackhawk's Basswood/Poplar shells project a full, resonant tone and are neatly finished in a gloss wrap.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Rock Series
Catalina Club Rock gives you classic Gretsch power for classic Rock music. Using a "one up, two down" configuration, this kit includes a 16"x26" bass drum, 6.5"x14" snare drum, 9"x13" rack tom with 16"x16" and 16"x18" floor toms for thunderous sounds. Mahogany shells with naturally finished interiors project a sound that's big, round and warm. Other features include Evans Coated G1 heads on the snare drum and all toms, Mini GTS suspension system for the rack tom and thick 12.7mm floor tom legs for sturdy support. Big, classic sounding drums for big, classic sounding grooves.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Mod Series
Gretsch Catalina Club Mod sets the stage for the modern player with tonal and visual distinction. Club Mod's Mahogany shells pump out deep tones from the extra-deep 20"x22" bass drum, 6.5"x14" snare drum and one up, one down tom set-up. Black hoops and black offset lugs compliment flashy drum finishes. Characterized by bold looks with a thunderous sound, the Club Mod is a killer drum set for modern clubs.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz Series
The Gretsch Catalina Jazz set is designed for the player who is looking for a versatile 4-piece set with quality features. Featuring Mahogany shells and 30-degree bearing edges, this set projects a warm, round, classic tone. The traditional Be-Bop sizes with 18" bass drum makes it a fine gigging jazz kit, but the Club Jazz can also play comfortably in other music styles, especially if you need to lay into a kit in a smaller live venue. Plus its distinctive retro looks are sure to capture attention. Whether you're looking for a classic jazz kit or a small kit for gigs or rehearsals, the Catalina Club Jazz kit projects a retro sound, vibe and spirit that will keep you deeply grooving.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Ash Series The Gretsch Catalina Ash series has been
designed with power in mind for the player who is looking for full, penetrating tones and solid overall features. Ash wood produces a lively tone that projects a clear, cutting sound. The snare quickly reacts with an aggressive tone that bites with authority, and the UV gloss finishes fully reveal the visually striking Ash wood grain pattern throughout the drum set. Other features include pro tom holders, heavy 2.5 triple-flanged hoops, die-cast bass drum claws, telescopic spurs, and GTS tom suspension systems.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Series
The Gretsch Catalina Maple series has been designed for the player who is looking for quality features without the high price. With the warm tone of the thin Maple shells, UV gloss finishes, and pro tom holders, the Catalina Maple offers the looks and features of a pro kit without breaking the bank.

Gretsch Drums Renown Maple Series
Designed for the touring drummer who requires "That Great Gretsch Sound," the Renown series offers incredible tone by retaining classic Gretsch features. Attributes include USA Rock Maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges, die-cast hoops, GTS suspension systems and Silver Sealer interior finishes. The sound is uniquely Gretsch. Step up to Gretsch Renown...pursue your dream.

Gretsch Drums Renown Purewood Rosewood Series
This Purewood Rosewood set is one of the most sonically and visually compelling Gretsch Drums ever produced. Select 9-ply, 100% Rosewood shells are chosen for their ability to produce sensational and consistent tonalities across all sizes. Rosewood produces a distinctive, rich tone that blends low to mid frequencies with cutting attack and is capable of producing high volume levels. Rosewood’s visual characteristics feature a complex reddish/brown vertical exterior grain that is a natural work of art. Finished in a 6-step hand-applied lacquer process, these shells shimmer with a visual distinction that is simply unmatched.

Gretsch Drums New Classic Series
At a time when Retro is as hip as ever, Gretsch embellishes the retro vibe by offering a truly new professional drum set in the New Classic series. Featuring proportionate Gretsch-formula Maple shells, this drum-set produces a vintage Gretsch tonality while giving these drums their own distinctive sound. Proportionate shells increase in thickness as shell diameters increase to give a full, balanced tonality across the entire drum set. Classy appointments include vintage styled tube lugs, the very low mass “ITS” integrated tom suspension system and 9025 hinged tom and floor tom leg brackets. Retro looks combined with hip innovations...a true New Classic.

Gretsch Drums Limited Edition Custom Walnut Series
Gretsch is well know for its classic thin resonant shells and for 2006 is proud to offer its first 100% American made Walnut shell Be-Bop shell pack. With it enhanced low end and highly figured veneer, this set is finished in a high gloss Nitro Cellulose Lacquer finish and is available with or without a rail mount tom holder.

Gretsch Drums USA Custom Series
The epitome and legend of "That Great Gretsch Sound." The USA Custom series is hand-crafted every step of the way in our Ridgeland, SC factory by highly experienced and skilled drumsmiths. Our legendary Gretsch formula 6-ply shell is the cornerstone of our legendary sound. Shells are completed with 30-degree bearing edges, Silver Sealer, die-cast hoops and custom finishes - ingredients all combined to make a sound long recognized for its classic clear timbre, balanced tone and explosive projection. Custom design your Gretsch dream kit "a la cart" by choosing your desired drum sizes, colors and hardware options. The Gretsch legend continues.

Gretsch Drums Signature Series
Gretsch Drums is pleased to offer Artist Signature Kits from renowned Gretsch artists Vinnie Colaiuta and Stephen Ferrone. Each signature kit is made to Vinnie's and Stephen's exact specifications. These kits truly offer "that great Gretsch sound" that each artist routinely depends upon. These kits are available on a special order basis.

Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Gretsch Drums
Gretsch's Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Series features legendary Gretsch formula Maple in traditional size shells, finished in White Wash High Gloss Lacquer. All lugs, brackets, and die-cast hoops are in a black chrome-plated finish. Bass drums feature black wood hoops and heavy duty telescopic spurs. Mounted toms include tom brackets and the GTS suspension system. Floor toms include brackets and legs. All toms are equipped with Permatone coated heads. This is Vinnie's signature sound, purely defined.

Steve Ferrone Signature Gretsch Drums
Gretsch's Stephen Ferrone Signature Series drums feature Gretsch formula Maple shells in a legendary Gretsch 1955 Cadillac Green finish. Stephen's drums include a collection of classic drum sizes - including snare drums with Lightning throw-offs - his own black and silver signature badges and distinctive Gold Sparkle inlay on the matching Cadillac Green Maple bass drum hoops. All drums include GTS suspension system, die cast hoops, Silver Sealer interiors, 9025 hinged brackets, floor tom legs and Permatone coated heads. The overall result is a stunning kit, made for Stephen's legendary and stunning grooves.

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