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About Remo Drumheads

Remo is a drummer's drumhead company. For over 50 years, Remo has constantly and consistently paved the way when it comes to industry firsts. While doing what they do best, the competition continued to chase, following Remo's technological progressions. As a result, by the time they came close to catching up, Remo was already onto the next big idea. When it comes to their skills as a drumhead manufacturer, no one can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo drumheads always provide.

The Remo story began after WWII when experiments were being made with Mylar, a polyester film made by DuPont. Mylar was used during the war as a heat resistant film for nighttime reconnaissance flights. This unusually durable, inexpensive, weather resistant material that provided previously unattainable pitch, tone and consistency interested Remo D. Belli, an already successful drummer. Remo began his legacy with the Weatherking drumheads, the very first Remo drumhead.

Throughout the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, Remo continued to innovate and became the world's drum head specialist in virtually every category from Latin percussion and orchestral timpani to drum corps, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Technical sophistication never before imagined in drum heads reached new heights thanks to new laminations and coatings found in other Remo firsts such as the Controlled Sound, Pinstripe, Smooth White, Powerstroke, Fiberskyn, Suede, Renaissance and Nuskyn product lines. Understanding how drum heads should be designed and how they should ultimately sound soon became the foundation for other applications, such as children's drums, another industry first. With the advent of Advanced Acousticon, Remo is now leading the fastest growing category in the business, world percussion. Because of Remo's advances in drum heads, percussion and all things rhythmic, people aren't only listening, but also playing like there's no tomorrow.

As the world's drumhead specialist for over 40 years, Remo, Inc. has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads to fit every drumming application. Not only is a full selection of Remo heads available to meet the diverse needs of drummers in Country Music, Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin, and every other style. With so many types, weights and sizes available, selecting the ideal head for any drum or situation requires an understanding of the performance levels that each head is designed to achieve.

To drum set manufacturers, Remo has, is, and always will be the standard. Ever since they led the industry in the 1960's to standardize drumhead sizes, they've been in the forefront when it comes to crafting, designing and manufacturing drumheads.

Remo Awards:

  • Modern Drummer Consumer's Poll Awards – Most Innovative Drumhead, Best Craftsmanship and Quality Drumhead and Most Consumer Service Oriented Drumhead Company.
  • MIPA – Nominated best percussion instrument in the Cuban line for the Jimmie Morales congas. Awarded the best drumhead for the Emperor X.
  • WRAP Award – Waste Reduction Awards Program administered by the State of California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Waste Management Board for improving the environment by reducing waste.
  • Brazilian Magazine Musica & Mercade – Best drumhead (overall).
  • DCI – 11 of top 12 DCI corps play Remo heads.
  • WGI – Top independent Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.
  • Drummies (Drum Magazine) – Best drumhead and best ad campaign for Emperor X.
  • Modern Drummer Awards – 17 of 21 winners in the drumhead category.
  • Congressional Praises for REMO Recreational Music Making Center.
  • Remo Artists Lead 2002 Drummie Awards.
  • Remo Artists lead 2002 Modern Drummer's Reader Poll.
  • Remo Endorsers Take 2002 WGI.
  • Remo Wins Southern California Rideshare Award.
  • Remo Artists Supporting 2002 Grammy Winners.
  • Lynn Kleiner Kits Win Prestigious Award.
  • Nominated for Two 2002 MIPA Awards.
  • NuSkyn Wins 2002 MIPA Award.
  • Remo Percussion Center Award.
  • Remo Artists Sweep 2001 WGI.
  • American Music Conference Honors Remo Belli.
  • Ami Belli Wins Music Therapy Advocacy Award.
  • Prestigious Recycling Award.
  • Remo Artists Big Winners at 2000 GRAMMY Awards.
  • Remo Wins MIPA Award for "Best Percussion Effect 2000".
  • Remo Wins MIPA Award for "Best Drumhead Innovation 2000".
  • Remo Artists Dominate 2000 Drummies.

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